DANCE 1111: Ballet I

July 17, 2014
Non-major introduction to studio practice of classical ballet; includes survey of the history, theory, and/or literature of classical ballet. Repeatable to a maximum of 8 cr hrs or 4 completions. VSP Admis Cond course.
Credit Hours: 

This is an elective, studio movement course designed for students with little to no experience. Most instruction is in-class with small outside assignments. 

Come to the first day of class ready to move in comfortable, modest, moveable clothing. Your instructor will give you additional information for dress at that time.

It is recommended that students wear any color/style of leotard and tights (not required but encouraged) with warmup layers only through 1st half of barre; attire should be form fitting. Please do not wear baggy clothing or anything that will distract or impede movement (no sweat pants/shirts, jeans, dangling or noisy jewelry). All students are required to wear ballet shoes (canvas or leather). Long hair must be secured back so as not to interfere with head movements.

To find course availability and times, please visit the Ohio State Course Catalog and Master Schedule.