DANCE 4201: Topics in Dance Composition: Performance Techniques

July 17, 2014

Topics in dance composition. Prereq: 3201 (211.03) and 3202 (211.04), and enrollment in Dance major. Repeatable to a maximum of 9 cr hrs or 3 completions. VSP Admis Cond course.

Credit Hours: 

You're watching a performance, and of all the people onstage there's one person you can't take your eyes off of. Why do they seem so magnetic? This is a course in developing magnetism. Dancers hone their movement skills and become finely tuned instruments, but then they're asked to go onstage and do the most difficult thing — give.  The premise of this class is, The more you have going on inside the more you'll have to give, because performance is an act of sharing the Self.  With exercises in awareness, courage, and reassessing personal patterns, this course will be a spiritual journey into the inner life of the performer.

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