Teacher Certification Course in Labanotation

Teacher Certification Course instructors

The Labanotation Teacher’s Certification Course (TCC) is a two-week intensive that certifies educators to teach Labanotation at the Elementary level and promotes the integration of Labanotation across the curriculum. This course is typically held every other summer at the Ohio State University. Upon course completion, candidates are certified to teach at the Elementary level, and may upgrade to Intermediate by completing the Dance Notation Bureau's Intermediate Certifying Exam and the Intermediate Class Assignments, available from Princeton Books; no additional coursework is required.

Prerequisites to the Course

Candidates are admitted to the course based on demonstrated excellence in Labanotation at the Elementary level through:

  • Successful completion of the DNB Certifying Examination at the Elementary level
  • Successful completion of Elementary Labanotation Assignments I-X
  • Successful completion of a course in Motif or Language of Dance®

and demonstrated knowledge of teaching methods through:

  • A minimum of 45 hours teaching experience or
    • Successful completion of a course in pedagogy/teaching methods
    • A letter of recommendation by someone familiar with his or her teaching

Teacher Certification Course in Labanotation

The Labanotation Teacher Certification Course is generally offered summers, either in New York City or at OSU. The course will emphasize varied approaches to integrating notation across the curriculum in addition to teaching Motif/Elementary Labanotation theory. Current information about the TCC is available on the DNB website.

Through the Course, Teachers Will:

  • refine their teaching via practice classes and discussions
  • develop a course in their area of expertise integrating Motif/Labanotation
  • achieve teaching certification at the motif/elementary level upon successful completion of the course
  • Teachers may easily upgrade later to intermediate or advanced without re-taking the course

Pre-Requisites for the Course:

  • certification at the Elementary theory level (DNB exam)
  • a course in Motif or Language of Dance®
  • either a course in pedagogy/teaching methods or a minimum or 45 hours teaching experience in the studio or classroom
  • successful completion of the TCC Revised Elementary Labanotation Assignments to be sent after receiving application

Course faculty for past TCC's at OSU have included: Valarie Williams (Director, DNB Extension, OSUDance), Rachael Riggs Leyva (Assistant Director, DNB Extension, OSUDance), Mara Penrose (Lecturer, OSUDance), John Giffin (Professor Emeritus, OSUDance), Bridget Roosa (Associate Professor, Agnes Scott), Mei-Chen Lu (Director of Library Services, Dance Notation Bureau, NY), and Lynne Weber (Executive Director, Dance Notation Bureau, NY).

For further info, contact the DNB Extension, 614 292-6642.

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