Faculty Production Questionnaire


To provide a front-end request of all department production needs for efficient evaluation of department fiscal and personnel resources. This form is not a commitment to all aspects of a production. It is a detailed view of a dance piece, in which items listed are considered as a REQUEST for production support by the department. The Chair is the final approval on all dance production needs.
Your Information
Production Information
Production Management Information
Re-created Performance Information
Only a .pdf file format may be uploaded.
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Allowed file types: pdf.
If this piece is a reconstruction from score do you or the Dance Notation Bureau have design information and video documentation of the work?
Performers (for production managers, performance area lead)

How may performers are in this work?

Collaborative Design Team Members
(for production managers, performance area lead, costumer, dept musicians, other staff as needed)

List the names of your collaborative design team, and any email addresses or phone numbers. Please remember to include the name of the designer whose work you wish to use, if you have had enjoyed multiple collaborators.

Sound Design and Performance (for production managers, dept musicians)
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