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For department use only. Please review the Overview and Policies and Internal Space Requests pages before signing up.

Sullivant 247
Sullivant 250
Sullivant 270
Sullivant 290
Sullivant 370
Sullivant 390

Sullivant 316D Conference Room

Sullivant 303 Office


  1. Verify your computer's time preferences are set to Eastern Standard Time.
  2. Select the preferred studio from the list above.
  3. Reserve space for the week by finding your desired date on the respective studio calendar above and selecting a starting time slot. Select the bars labeled Morning, Afternoon or Evening for expanded view of available times.
  4. Enter your NAME and EMAIL in the respective fields.
  5. Select the DURATION. The service will allow you to sign up for up to four hours or until 11pm, unless the space has already been reserved within that time span.
  6. Type in the captcha and CONFIRM. A confirmation email is sent automatically.
  7. The email includes a cancellation link. Please cancel reservations you no longer intend to use in order to release the space for others.