Drop Everything & Come Celebrate! Alumni Celebration & Grand Re-Opening of Sullivant Hall. Photographs by Stephanie Matthews. OSUDance in China: Spring 2014. Photograph by Stephanie Matthews. Vera J. Blaine – Choreographic Resources



AU14 Special Courses

  • Dance 2181: Social Dance is an introductory exploration of many styles within a general chronology of the development of social dance forms.
  • In Dance 2190: Argentine Tango, study how two people can move as one unit.
  • Introduction to studio practice in Dance 2190: Korean Dance explores traditional Korean dance technique.
  • Dance 4201 & 6201: Improvisation course, Being Here, Being With, Being Together, for Undergraduate and MFA students in Dance, Theatre, Music, and Art to deepen their own improvisation practice.
  • Dance 7490: Special Topics, Jewish and Israeli Dance: Social and Concert Dance of Israel and the Jewish Diaspora.


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