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The Catherine Elizabeth Woods Dance Scholarship Fund

The Catherine Elizabeth Woods Dance Scholarship Fund (667854) was established in 2006 to honor the memory of a young dancer and performer. Catherine is the daughter of former OSU Marching Band Director, Jon Woods, in the School of Music. This is a special gift that the Woods family has offered the Department of Dance: the support of a young aspiring dancer.

 Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Asha Whitfield (BFA '16)

Dancer: Asha Whitfield, Dance Downtown photo by Stephanie Matthews

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Matthews

Asha Whitfield, current recipient of The Catherine Elizabeth Woods Dance Scholarship shares: “I come from a family full of love and support as I am the first generation to go to college.  The cost of attendance is high, especailly when it is coming from my pockets. This money helps me to stay in school and thrive because I don’t have to worry about the financial burden of tuition.” 

Asha dedicates herself to “paying forward” by giving back her time and talents to the department in a multiplicity of ways. When a choreographer lost a dancer close to performance, Asha volunteered to learn the role. Whenever the department needs an ambassador, Asha is there to conduct tours and talk with prospective students. She has taken on leadership positions throughout her undergraduate career including serving on committees for faculty search and undergraduate studies. Her Senior Distinction Project with the Brazil Rep Tour combines her BFA dance major with her minors in Arts Entrepreneurship and Music, Media and Enterprise.

Asha Whitfield is a stellar example of a dancer, performer, arts advocate, and community leader.  Her dedication and passion to the field of dance echoes that of Catherine Elizabeth Woods, the young dancer for whom this award is named.