Elective Courses


We welcome students from all majors and college to take our elective classes!

Email dance@osu.edu for any questions or enrollment assistance; current undergraduate students, please use OSU email and include the name and email of your academic advisor.

Find the most current Elective course flyer at Courses and Schedules information, or BuckeyeLink.

Studio Classes

  • Contemporary (Dance 1101, 2102*, 2103*)
  • Ballet (Dance 1111, 2112*, 2113*)
  • Jazz (Dance 1141, 2142*, 2143*)
  • Yoga (Dance 5175 for practice, 5179 for practice and theory)
  • Tap (Dance 1161, 1162*)
  • Hip Hop (Dance 1151, 2152*)
  • Pilates (Dance 5171 Mat , 5173* Reformer)
  • Special Topics, such as Irish Step or Odissi Indian (Dance 2190)

Interested in more? Become a Dance Minor!

* Email dance@osu.edu to request permission to waive prerequisites if you have previous experience.

General Education Lecture Courses

  • Dance 2367 Writing About Dance (also 2367H Honors) – 2nd Level Writing GE
  • Dance 2401 Western Concert Dance: Renaissance to Present – Visual Performing Arts GE
  • Dance 3401 Dance in Popular Culture (also online) – Culture and Ideas plus Diversity: Social Diversity in the US GE
  • Dance 3402 Dance in Global Contexts – Culture and Ideas plus Diversity: Global Studies GE