About the BFA Program


The Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in Dance provides a comprehensive education across the field of contemporary modern dance with a core focus on the dancing experience. To that end, students are offered a solid foundation during their first two years of study in the following curricular areas: movement practice, performance, choreography, dance description and notation, pedagogy, history, production and technology. Expanding upon this foundation, students are afforded the opportunity to focus on individual areas of interest supported by mentoring and interaction with faculty. 

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Our program encourages integration of the curricular areas, supports an interdisciplinary approach, promotes the education of the whole person, values cultural and curricular diversity, and responds to the individual needs of students, faculty, the dance field, and our broader culture. Students leave the program with the skills, perspective and imagination to be visionaries, advocates, and leaders in the field of dance and in their communities.




An audition is required for the BFA; see Apply to BFA program for dates and information. Be sure to take a look at our Majors and their work.

Please see our checklist for an example of a planning document that students use to track their course progress to graduation, alongside other university resources, advising staff, and faculty mentors. 

No audition is required for the Dance Minor. Please email for an advising appointment to declare the Minor; see Minor program for more information.

All students are welcome to take our elective classes; see Elective courses for more information.




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