Blaine giving feedback in Composition I - 2012
Blaine approaches coaching choreographers in three ways. She offers her own feedback during classes and rehearsals, incorporates graduate teaching assistants in her classes for additional feedback and guidance, and requires peer feedback from students during exercises and showings. The combination of these scenarios strengthens the students’ and teaching assistants’ abilities to recognize and understand kinesthetic engagement in choreography and ultimately develops more articulate collaborators, directors, and teachers of movement.


Feedback from Vera J. Blaine

Feedback is given throughout the creative process. In addition to coaching students in classes and rehearsals, Blaine values attending student performances as another way to observe her students’ skills and abilities. She also continues to be a resource to alumni and fellow colleagues outside the classroom setting.

Integration of Graduate Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants offer additional imagery and language. They provide verbal feedback to students as well as facilitate workshops that guide students toward a deeper understanding of the material. The outline of responsibilities for Teaching Assistants is found in Directed Teaching D 3202 [pdf].

Peer Feedback

Students learn from each other by participating in improvisations, collaborative exercises, and verbal feedback sessions following each showing.

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