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a dance-film by Laura Rodriguez, MFA '20
Dance-Film II, 2019

directed/filmed/edited/choreographed: Laura Rodriguez
camera choreography: Kathryn Nusa Logan
music: "Judge and Jury" (Prometheus Trailer) Audiomachine "The Obsolete Man" by The Twilight Zone Binary Code Zenhiser Samples Bluezone Corperation Sound Response


a dance-film by Abby Koskinas, BFA '21
Dance-Film II, 2019

filmed/edited/choreographed: Abby Koskinas
dancer: Caitlyn Higley
lighting: Brooke Tinsley
music: "Migrations" by Taylor Deupree, Marcus Fischer


a dance-film by Andi Pei, MFA '21
Dance-Film II, 2019

filmed/edited: Andi Pei
choreography: Andi Pei, Lily Li
dancer: Lily Li


a dance-film by Megan Wurtz, MFA '20
Dance-Film II, 2019

filmed/edited: Megan Wurtz
choreography: Abbie Armbrecht, Catie Armbrecht
dancers: Abbie Armbrecht, Catie Armbrecht, Lauren Beard
music: "Copycat" by Billie Eilish


a dance-film by Coal Rietenbach, BFA '19
Dance-Film II, 2017

filmed/edited/choreographed: Coal Rietenbach
dancer: Emily Arden Jones
music: "Experiment in Terror" by Henry Mancini


a dance-film by Anna Hershinow, BFA '20
Dance-Film I, 2018

filmed/edited/choreographed: Anna Hershinow
music: Francoise Hardy


a dance-film by Michelle Sipes, MFA '20
Dance-Film I, 2018

filmed/edited: Michelle Sipes
dancer: Jing Dian
choreographed: Jing Dian, Michelle Sipes
music: "Unicorn" by Four Tet

Portal's Edge

a dance-film by Brianna Rae Johnson, MFA '20
Dance-Film I, 2018

filmed/edited/choreographed: Brianna Rae Johnson
dancers: Abby Koskinas, Sydney Samson
music: "Like Clockwork" by Birds of Paradise

Here Actually

a dance-film by Dani Kfoury, BFA '18
Dance-Film I, 2018

filmed/edited: Dani Kfoury
performer: Laura DeAngelis
choreographed: Laura DeAngelic, Dani Kfoury

Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising is a sci-fi comedy drone dance-film, directed by Associate Professor Mitchell Rose and choreographed by Professor Susan Hadley. It features 50 dancers from Ohio State as well as 40 more from Kenyon College, Wittenberg University, Denison University, Ohio Wesleyan University, and Ohio University. And the Making Of video is also an interesting peek into the creative process and ability to regroup and revise in the moment.

In Nothingness

a dance-film by Max Wildenhaus, BFA '17
Dance-Film I, 2016

filmed/edited/choreographed: Max Wildenhaus
performer: Chloe Napoletano

The Wall

a dance-film by Joshua Manculich, MFA '17
Dance-Film I, 2016

filmed/edited/choreographed: Joshua Manculich
music: Alaskan Tapes

Aura Lee

The relationship between OSU Dance faculty and students is a dynamic one — a collaboration between experienced working artists and enthusiastic young dancers. When dance-filmmaking Prof. Mitchell Rose saw a study by sophomore Charlotte Stickles in Prof. Susan Hadley's Composition 2 class, he thought it would make an exciting dance-film.

Structural Support

a dance-film by Cailin Manning, BFA '16
Dance-Film II, 2016

filmed/edited: Cailin Manning
choreography: Joshua Manculich
music: Michael Wall

Sad Party

a dance-film by Hana Newfeld, BFA '17
Dance-Film I, 2016

filmed/edited: Hana Newfeld
choreography: Molly Stack
music: "Talking At The Same Time" by Tom Waits

Globe Trot

a dance-film by Assoc. Prof. Mitchell Rose , Emerita Prof. Bebe Miller

Globe Trot was an international crowd-sourced dance-film project. Prof. Rose got 54 filmmakers in 23 countries (representing all seven continents including Antarctica) to each contribute two seconds of footage of non-dancers performing choreography by Prof. Miller. The film has the effect of creating a sense of equalization — when a new image takes the place of an old image, with the same continuity of action, it says, These things are equal. And that was the hope of Globe Trot — that it would convey a message that people, all over the world, are equal. This two-project, which has won 15 awards, had to be very precise. You can see the training information for the filmmakers here.

Like it is Asleep

a dance-film by Rylan Lee
Dance-Film I, 2016

filmed/edited/choreographed: Rylan Lee
audio: excerpt from "As I lay Dying" by William Faulkner, read by William Faulkner

Silhouette Man

a dance-film by Baylie MacRae, BFA '18
Dance-Film I, 2016

filmed/edited/choreographed: Baylie MacRae
music: "I Will Possess Your Heart" by Death Cab for Cutie


a dance-film by Callie Lacinski. BFA '17
Dance-Film I, 2016

filmed/edited/choreographed: Callie Lacinski
music: "Viola Breath" by Samuel Claiborne