Dana Schafer (BFA '15) Awarded Honorable Mention At Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

April 1, 2015

Dana Schafer (BFA '15) Awarded Honorable Mention At Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

Dana Schafer (BFA '15) at Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

Dana Schafer (BFA '15) has been awarded Honorable Mention (4th) at the 2015 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum, for her poster presentation "Community dance: developing creative problem solvers and confident young citizens in the public school system".  Dana's advisers are Susan Petry, Chair and Professor in the Department of Dance, and Dave Covey, Professor in the Department of Dance.  Here is Dana's abstract:

It has been proven time and time again that children with sustained creative training in the arts have stronger relationships, are more confident in who they are and how they look, and perform better in academic classes. While many dance educators and advocates have passion for spreading this knowledge, it is difficult to see projects through to fruition due to lack of resources. The goal of this project was to demonstrate that there is need in the community for sustainable dance outreach programs. My senior project, The Day of Dance, took place December 12, 2014 in Sullivant Hall on The Ohio State University’s campus. This project was a one-day event in collaboration with Starling STEM PK-8 School. Approximately 70 third-graders participated in a day of dance classes taught by Ohio State dance majors. The students participating were enrolled in an integrated classroom; some having learning disabilities, others living in extreme poverty and varying levels of exposure to dance practices. The focus of these classes was on creativity, physical ability, and enjoyment. Participants completed surveys before and after the event in which they reflected on how they felt physically and emotionally and if they would like to learn more about dance. Through analysis of the responses and observations of the classes, I have come to the conclusion that dance is an important gateway for these children to position themselves in a healthy and creative environment that will positively impact their lives on many levels. These results will hopefully foster continued discussion and support for the value of the arts in education for the young people in our schools and communities.

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