Dancing into the future with AR technology

December 5, 2017
Erin Yen and Joda Lee demonstrate AR technology for dance. Photo by Ashley Nelson
The Ohio State Dance department is bringing a new partner to the dance floor. With the help of augmented reality software from Microsoft’s HoloLens device, a dancer can read and write Laban movement notation in their own environment. The notation is a way to record and represent choreography throughout a dance, used similarly to a musician reading a score to learn a song. Hannah Kosstrin, an assistant professor and researcher in the Department of Dance at Ohio State, led the project and has lofty aspirations for what AR can bring to dance. “One of the things I am really excited for with the AR app is hopefully it will project, and you will be able to see the score, and you are in it,” Kosstrin said. The HoloLens is like a headband with a visor that comes down over the eyes while a powerful computer inside eliminates the need for wires and provides a mobile AR experience. Kosstrin said the AR headset allows users to take a “trip” to a virtual world while maintaining a sense of reality. Read more>>>