Helen Alkire's 100th Birthday Party

May 19, 2015
Helen Alkire's 100th Birthday

Helen Alkire, founder of OSU Dance will turn 100 years old on Saturday May 30th.   A party in her honor will be held here at Sullivant Hall on that day.  The festivities will begin at 1pm with informal performances in the Barnett Theatre. A reception will follow in the gorgeous Studio 390.

All are welcome to attend.  Please RSVP to Dori Jenks at jenks.3@osu.edu.  Donations to the Helen Alkire Scholarship Fund are most welcome.

For those who would like to join in the revelry from a distance, we are soliciting audio greetings and old fashioned birthday cards.  

Hoping to have 100 or more greetings to present to Helen on her special day.

Create a voice memo on your smart phone and send it directly to Dave Covey at covey.1@osu.edu.

BIrthday cards can be mailed to us here at 316 Sullivant Hall, 1813 N High Street Columbus, Ohio 43210.

Please send in audio recordings, birthday cards and RSVP's by Tuesday May 26th.


Covey's Birthday Sign for Helen