Helen Alkire's 100th Birthday Party

May 19, 2015

Helen Alkire's 100th Birthday Party

Helen Alkire's 100th Birthday

Helen Alkire, founder of OSU Dance will turn 100 years old on Saturday May 30th.   A party in her honor will be held here at Sullivant Hall on that day.  The festivities will begin at 1pm with informal performances in the Barnett Theatre. A reception will follow in the gorgeous Studio 390.

All are welcome to attend.  Please RSVP to Dori Jenks at jenks.3@osu.edu.  Donations to the Helen Alkire Scholarship Fund are most welcome.

For those who would like to join in the revelry from a distance, we are soliciting audio greetings and old fashioned birthday cards.  

Hoping to have 100 or more greetings to present to Helen on her special day.

Create a voice memo on your smart phone and send it directly to Dave Covey at covey.1@osu.edu.

BIrthday cards can be mailed to us here at 316 Sullivant Hall, 1813 N High Street Columbus, Ohio 43210.

Please send in audio recordings, birthday cards and RSVP's by Tuesday May 26th.


Covey's Birthday Sign for Helen