Lincoln Theatre Community Conversations

October 20, 2022

Lincoln Theatre Community Conversations

Lincoln Theatre Community Conversations

Wed. October 26, 6pm (pre-dialogue at 4:30pm)
Lincoln Theatre (769 E Long St.)

The Lincoln's Community Conversations series returns with The Black Professoriate in Dance: Surviving, Thriving, and Developing at PWIs. The body of research focused on the recruitment and retention of Black faculty members at predominately white institutions (PWIs) has continued to evolve throughout the years. Colleges and universities have found it challenging to recruit Black faculty for a variety of reasons, ranging from the location of the institution to the faculty member not finding a sense of belonging and community. The broader conversation is how does this dilemma translate to recruitment of students thusly, their sense of belonging.

Moderator: Charles O. Anderson, MFA, professor and chair, The Ohio State University Department of Dance

Panelists: Ojeya Cruz Banks, PhD, associate professor, Denison University Department of Dance, Center for Black Studies; Travis D. Gatling, MFA, professor of dance, Ohio University School of Dance; Gregory A. King, associate professor of dance, Kent State University School of Theatre & Dance; Nyama McCarthy-Brown, PhD, MFA, associate professor of community engagement through dance pedagogy, The Ohio State University Department of Dance

Opening dance performance by Brother(hood) Dance!

Pre-dialogue with Alex Christmas: Racial Battle Fatigue for Black Female Professors at PWIs. (Lincoln Theatre 1st floor Social Centre, 4:30pm)

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