Odissi Dance Workshop and Solo Debut

July 8, 2015

Odissi Dance Workshop and Solo Debut

Odissi Dance Workshop and Solo Debut

Odissi Dance Workshop led by Kaustavi Sarkar 

Workshop Fri. July 10 to Thurs. July 23, 2015

Solo Debut of Imani Asha Gaston 

Mancha Pravesh Solo Debut Sat. July 18th 2pm

Kaustavi Sarkar, third year doctoral student in the Department of Dance, leads an Odissi Intensive Dance Workshop this July.  Sponsored by the Lawrence and Isabel Center for Integrated Arts and Enterprise, this workshop introduces students to the fundamentals, principles and basic vocabulary of this particular technique of Classical Indian Dance. The class structure will consist of a series of exercises and basic movement patterns aimed toward improving body alignment and coordination. The technique demands a strong sense of rhythm, musicality and body awareness. It is known for sculpturesque postures and graceful gestures as seen in the temple architecture in India. The daily practice of the technique fosters strength, endurance and flexibility. Students learn excerpts from the established repertoire in Odissi Dance along with their historical, cultural and socio-political context. The workshop is open to community members for a fee and is absolutely free of cost for OSU students. 

Sarkar has been teaching classes in this technique during her time here at Ohio State.  Of her many students, recent BFA alum Imani Asha Gaston, has become her disciple.  Gaston will perform a solo in the ceremony of Mancha Pravesh.  Her Odissi Solo Performance with live musicians takes place on July 18 at 2pm in the MLK Auditorium in Hale Hall. The admission is free. Food will be provided as well. Please register @ mancha.pravesh@gmail.com

Imani Asha Gaston