Susan Hadley Receives Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award, Plans Brazil Cultural Exchange

December 3, 2014
Photo of Susan Hadley receiving Ratner Award

Professor Susan Hadley has been presented with the Ronald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award.  Hadley has a well-earned reputation as one of OSU's most stellar professors, and has been recognized twice with university teaching awards.  Her dedication to students and their learning permeates all that she does.

Photo of Susan Hadley receiving Ratner Award

Hadley will lead a group of ten dance majors to Salvador, Brazil during Spring Break 2016 to perform, teach and share in cultural exchanges with Brazilian dancers, musicians, students, and community members. In preparation for this experience, OSU dancers will rehearse works by students, faculty, and visiting artists four days a week during Autumn and Spring semesters next year.

Her proposal to add to the globalization of our program is well timed as, despite our small size, we have modestly increased the numbers of ways our students can get study abroad experience.  It takes, however, the leadership of a faculty member to really implement successful study abroad programs, and by linking to the OSU gateway, Susan Hadley has a clear vision for this expansive and transformational goal.