tethering: iteration 1 - an Ohio State Dance MFA Project

November 12, 2020

tethering: iteration 1 - an Ohio State Dance MFA Project

Iteration X: Extending the Body by Tara Burns

Ohio State Dance presents “tethering: iteration 1,” a full moon walking tour of dance works that engages with how we share performance in a Covid world. Guiding the audience through and around the works, the 2021 MFA graduate students welcome you to witness pockets of dance in nature. KJ Dye and her dancers will cultivate your guided experience around the lake at the Chadwick Arboretum North. Along your journey you will find Yildiz Guventurk, floating between past and future on the lake, Tara Lee Burns uniting virtual reality and nature, and Davianna Green re-experiencing memories of joy, forgiveness, and vulnerability. On the second half of your tour you will encounter an introduction to Farb and Var in Emily Craver’s vintage futurescape, an opportunity to rest and witness a conversation with nature presented by Laura Neese and her dancers, and view two dancers inhabiting projected film by Andi Pei. In this iteration we explore safe interaction through a cultivated experience with community, reflection, and calm in hopes of leaving you with questions, but also moments of hope.

a full moon interactive walking tour of art from a distance

*program note: Due to inclement weather on the night that this showing was documented, Yildiz Guverturk’s "Corpus - Can We Just Dance" is not featured.

Yildiz Guverturk’s "Corpus - Can We Just Dance"
Yildiz Guverturk’s "Corpus - Can We Just Dance"

Intermediary Spaces
an audio walk by KJ Dye
Viewers are encouraged to walk around the pond at Chadwick Arboretum North to fully experience the audio walk portions of the video. 

Iteration X: Extending the Body
by Tara Burns

phases traces strands
by Davianna Green

past future tenses
by Doug Barber and Emily Craver

adjacent, possible
directed by Laura Neese
performed by Tori Myers, Yukina Sato Crul, Teddi Vargas, and Megan Wurtz

Behind Body
directed by Andi Pei
performance and audio by Gianna Buffano and Luyan (Lily) Li
choreography by Andi Pei, in collaboration with the dancers

October 31 - November 1, 2020

Chadwick Arboretum
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

For more program information, please visit emilybcraver.wixsite.com/mfacohort2021