Candace Feck

Emerita Associate Professor
Faculty Emeriti

Candace Feck (Professor) holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Webster University, an MA in Dance from The Ohio State University, and a PhD in Art Education, also from OSU. She has taught at Youngstown State University, Cornell University, The Methodist Theological School of Ohio, and The Ohio State University, including courses in modern technique, dance criticism and theory, dance history and Labanotation. Recent course offerings at OSU include: Dance 161: Contemporary Dance and Theatre - 1945 to the Present, Dance 753: Aesthetics and Criticism; Dance 801.31: Current Issues in Dance; and Dance 759: History and Theory of Postmodern Dance. She founded the Dance Minor program within the department. Feck worked as a member of the OSU-MDP team, which produced the award-winning CD-ROM Victoria Uris: Choreographer and Videographer. Her dissertation, entitled "Understandings about Dance: An Analysis of Student Critical Writings with Pedagogical Implications," represents an ongoing area of current research, situating dance criticism as an area of curricular importance in a variety of educational contexts. Other research and teaching interests lie broadly in the intersections between theory and artistic practice in contemporary performance; the arts and social issues; documentation of contemporary dance artists; and arts advocacy.

Areas of Expertise
  • History, Criticism and Theory
  • Dance Documentation
  • PhD in Art Education, The Ohio State University
  • MA in Dance, The Ohio State University
  • BA in Cultural Anthropology, Webster University