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Laban Lens™

Laban Lens™ is a dance scoring application developed for the Microsoft HoloLens that engages Laban-based movement notation and analysis. Our augmented reality (AR) teaching tool called LabanLens™ engages innovative digital practices responding to diverse intelligences and abilities to immerse students in a digital-kinesthetic experience with dance analysis. LabanLens™ introduces a modality to re-envision how we teach and employ Laban-based scoring tools, and an immersive environment for composing dances, analyzing them, and understanding historical embodiments. The AR experience engenders studentsʼ articulate analysis of dances, which deepens their kinesthetic-empathetic engagement with each other and their world. LabanLens™ expands existing dance scoring methodsʼ capacities to advance knowledge for accessing and analyzing new and existing dances.

LabanLens™ is generously supported by The Ohio State University Department of Dance and The College of Arts and Sciences Technology Services unit. LabanLens™ is developed by Immersive.is.

For more questions, contact kosstrin.1@osu.edu or summers.171@osu.edu.