Principles of Dance Wellness



  • Provide effective and comprehensive injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation
  • Promote efficient and safe dance training
  • Promote optimal levels of conditioning and overall health
  • Educate dance population in self-care strategies
  • Support healthy psychosocial and nutritional lifestyles

Fundamentals for our Dance Wellness Program

  • Screenings to detect risk factors that may predispose the dancer to injury and illness, and the opportunity for follow-up education based on results
  • Education for the dancer including anatomy and kinesiology, movement pattern dysfunction unique to the dancer, common dance injuries and self-care strategies, common faults in dance technique and strategies to improve alignment, cross training, stress management, nutrition, and psychosocial issues.
  • Medical services/rehabilitation and appropriate referral sources sensitive to the needs of the dancer with guidance on return to dance and career longevity.
  • Access to educational information, resources, research initiatives and inter-collegiate collaboration efforts.
  • Education on current events in dance medicine and science that affects the dancer’s health and well-being.