Tango Helps Cancer Patients Get Back on Their Feet

February 21, 2017
Tango for Cancer Patients

Mimi Lamantia pursued a BFA in the Department of Dance as an undergraduate. She received a Pelotonia Fellowship to study the intersection of dance and medicine, specifically how movement can help cancer patients.

Secret Frolic Live Featured in The Lantern

February 15, 2017
poster image for Secret Frolic Live

Improvisational dance relies on technology, audience
By Kayleen Petrovia

Most people attend a dance show to watch the performers. But Secret Frolic Live will let audience members participate.

Winter Concert Featured in The Lantern

February 2, 2017
photo of From Four to Two by Cailin Manning

Department of Dance showcases student choreography in winter concert

Dance students get to take control of their own destiny in their upcoming concert by choreographing their own pieces.