Dance Wellness Clinic


Dance Wellness services are provided for the convenience of dance majors, graduate and fellowship students, faculty and staff in 291 Sullivant Hall and nearby locations.

These services include:

  • Physical Therapy / Athletic Training - open clinic on site at Sullivant Hall
  • Doctor of Osteopathic medicine - at clinic locations
  • Massage Therapy - at Crane Sports Medicine Institute

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Open Clinic - PT/AT Services

Friday mornings during autumn and spring semesters
291 Sullivant Hall

The dance wellness clinic is open and free to Ohio State Department of Dance majors, graduate and fellowship students, faculty and staff for injury checks, body work, and consultation. Please view the Appointments section to make an appointment.

Massage and Manipulative Services

We recommend utilizing our Doctors of Osteopathic medicine (D.O.) specifically Dr. Michael Jonesco and Dr. Larry Nolan for any alignment assessments and adjustments. 

Dr. Michael Jonesco

Dr. Michael Jonesco is the Performing Arts Medicine team physician. He is board certified in Sports Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medical Services, and Osteopathic Physician. 

“When diagnosing a patient, I like to find the root of the pain or limitation. Anyone can diagnose a stress fracture, but I like to know what is causing it and why it is there. The diagnosis is often simple, but determining the root of the problem is essential. 
I specialize in medical care for athletes. To me, an athlete can be anyone serious about becoming or maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether your goal is to make it to the big leagues or simply walk your dog around the block, I want to help you reach your goals.”  

Dr. Jonesco practices out of several different clinics: 

Dr. Larry Nolan

Dr. Larry Nolan is the Performing Arts Medicine assistant team physician and heads the Orthopedic Walk-In Clinic at Jameson Crane. He is board certified in Sports Medicine, Family Medicine, and Osteopathic Physician. 

“My specialization focuses on a non-surgical approach to a wide array of musculoskeletal issues for all ages. I believe in working closely with my patients and providing them with a multitude of options that allows for more highly personalized care plans. I emphasize the importance of prevention and strive to help my patients create long lasting healthy and active lifestyles. My goal is to provide my patients with all the necessary knowledge and assistance on their journey back to normal activity.” 

Dr. Nolan practices out of several different clinics: 

When calling to schedule, please let them know you are with the Ohio State School of Music performer to be placed on the priority scheduling list. 

For non-urgent injuries, call 614-293-2385. 

For urgent injuries, please seek care at any of the numerous Ohio State Walk-In, Urgent Care, or After Hours clinics. 

For urgent dance injuries, call 614-293-2385.