Dance Wellness Policies and Procedures


Open Clinic – Physical Therapy/Athletic Training Services

A/an PT or AT will be available in 291 Sullivant Hall on Friday from 8-10am. This time may be used for many things:

  • You have an acute injury that you need to have assessed
  • You have an ache or pain for which you would like treatment
  • You have an old injury that is flaring up

You may also use these times when you are not injured but would like guidance for injury prevention or performance enhancement. Review any screening findings you have been given if you participated in a screening procedure.

  • Advice on how to improve your strength, flexibility, alignment, etc
  • Instruction on self release/massage techniques

After being evaluated, the PT or AT will provide the treatment they have determined is the best for you at that time. These may include hands on/manual techniques, education on stretching, strengthening, alignment, class modification, etc. These services are free and not billed to insurance.

  • Hours: Friday; 8am - 10am
  • Appointments can be scheduled through the Bookeo website.

Formal Physical Therapy

Formal physical therapy will be offered at the  Sports Medicine Rehabilitation RPAC or Jameson Crane Sports Medicine Institute. If you have a prescription from a physician for physical therapy can make an appointment at either of these locations.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the clinic: Lori Utz, office manager, 614-293-2385.

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